Website Creation Workshop

Create Your Own Website for Free: Workshop by Candide Uyanze
Create Your Own Website for Free: Workshop by Candide Uyanze

Workshop Description

Duration: 1hr - 3hr

Are you tired of paying monthly for your small blog or want to get rid of advertising banners on your portfolio site? Why not give Publii a try! In this workshop, you’ll be introduced to Publii, a free, SEO-Friendly website generator.

I’ll walk through Publii’s different functionalities, from creating posts to making simple customizations to your selected theme. Then, you’ll learn how to host your website in a matter of minutes for free using Netlify. At the end of the workshop, you will be provided with additional resources to support your website creation journey and create more complex customizations.

You will need:

Optional, but recommended:

  • Image management service to store your images — I recommend Cloudinary.
  • Analytics to keep track of your website's stats — the easiest to implement, most affordable, and most privacy-friendly solution I've found was
  • Code editor for advanced customization — I use Visual Studio Code / VSCodium, but Sublime Text, Atom, Brackets, etc. are other popular choices. 
  • Web browser with good Inspector tools — I use Firefox, but a Chromium-based browser also works (Chrome, Vivaldi, Edge, etc.).
  • GitHub account — Having an account comes in handy. I recommend signing up for GitHub Students.
  • Domain name (for example: — I purchase my domains from Porkbun, but you can get a free 1-year domain through GitHub Students (available via, Namecheap, and .TECH).

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