In My Tongue

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In My Tongue is a multilingual interactive documentary that investigates different languages and the relationships people have with the languages they speak.

A series of interviews were conducted from January to April 2021 with nine people from Canada and Kenya in several languages including Bemba, English, French, Kikuyu, Lingala, Meru, and Swahili.

The project leads are Candide and Trish, OCAD U Digital Futures graduate students who conducted and participated in the interviews. Candide is Canadian of Congolese descent and Trish is Kenyan. 

The participants of the project are all multilingual and English speakers. Candide interviewed four Canadian participants: Lumenganu and Gabrièla, who are of Congolese descent; Wanda, who is of Polish and Nicaraguan descent; and Z, who is of Congolese and Zambian descent. Trish interviewed three participants; Mwenda, Roy, and Salome, all of whom are Kenyan.        

The series of audio snippets explores the many layers, nuances, and politics that reside within and between languages.

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