Digitized Memory Workshop (TTTM ESPC)

Table of Contents



Logseq — Downloads

Logseq software (I'm currently using version 0.9.10): Download the latest version

Logseq Demo Graph: Download here

Here is how to load the demo graph:


Logseq User Interface diagram
Logseq User Interface (Source)


Digitized Diasporic Memory — Thesis Links

Logseq — Getting Help

Logseq — My Favourite Plugins

You can find a full list of my favourite plugins + demo in the demo graph.

Enable Plugins in Logseq

Make sure that you've enabled plugins to access the marketplace of themes and plugins by the community.

Logseq — Misc.

Learning HTML and CSS (to help with theming)

Other Tools Mentioned

  • Airtable: collaborative spreadsheet/database hybrid used during study
  • Jitsi: open source meeting platform, no sign-in or download required
  • NocoDB: open source Airtable alternative which allows for better asset management

Works Mentioned

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